Fixing You are Being Rate Limited Error on Discord

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Recently, there have been a lot of reports of a “You are being rate limited” error at Discord when the users tried to enter channels that required a mobile check. This message appears during the process and prevents the user from re-entering the text revision process. In this post, we will discuss the reason for this error and offer a practical solution to completely correct it.

What Causes the “You are Being Rate Limited” Error on Discord?

After receiving many complaints from users, we decided to investigate and find a solution based on our reports. We also investigated why it was triggered and listed it as follows.

  • For security reasons: This error is triggered when the user tries to re-enter the text verification message and the application prevents you from re-entering it. This is done as a security measure to prevent users from “guessing” the verification code. There are many “hacking” software programs that implement different code combinations to bypass security barriers. If you enter the code several times, the floppy disk application prevents you from entering it again by blocking access.

Discord has a rate limit of 5 in each request. Trying to circumvent this problem would be considered an abuse of the API (subsequent solutions are not abuses of the API).

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If this limit is exceeded, the other requests will be stopped until a certain number of seconds have elapsed. During my research, I came across this simple explanation: 5 something by 5 seconds per server (if you didn’t understand what I said above).

What is Discord Rate Limits

The Discord API throughput limits requests to avoid abuse and overloading of our services. Flow limits are set by route (i.e., they may be different for each route called) and by account executing the request (if you use a carrier token assigned by the user to that token, or if you use a bot token, the associated bot), except for an additional aggregate flow limit that applies to the entire API. Not all endpoints have a point-of-effect specific flow limit, so only the overall flow limit applies to these endpoints.

Rate Limits Workaround

A workaround, without abuse of the API, would be to send messages and delete previous messages, since there is a higher limit for deleting messages.

Another workaround would be to add intermediate times to your animation. A method as simple as this one:

function async wait = { require(“util”).promisify(setTimeout); };
//syntax: await wait(1000); to “pause” for 1 second

You must play with the timings to match them to your planned animation speed, and without pausing because of the speed limit.

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