Folded Paper Tip


This technique is common these days on blogs,icons, backgrounds etc so in this tutorial I will teach how to create a fairly simple folded paper tip.

Getting Started

The aim of this tutorial is not trying to create a realistic result so don’t mention it πŸ™‚
Open a new image 640×480 , now lets start

step 1

Will first draw the flat paper using the “rectangle select” tool , once you have drawn it hit enter to finish.

step 2

Grab the Path tool and draw a triangle in the corner of the paper, *tip always switch to Edit mode to close off a path

step 3

Now if you don’t already have the Path dialog on screen go ahead an open it from Dialogs>Paths , inside you will see the path we drew, right click on it then click on “Subtract

step 4

Create a new layer and Fill your selection with solid white using the the “bucket fill” tool. go to filters>light & shadow>drop shadow in the dialog set values to

  • offset x: 0
  • offset y: 0
  • Blur radius:9
  • color 8f8f8f
  • opacity 80

Go to Select none to remove the selection.

step 5

Draw another path triangle and in the “tools option” dialog click on “Selection from path”

step 6

Create a new layer grab the blend tool select the FG to BG gradient from the tools option then set your bg color to white and your foreground to eaeaea

step 7

still with the blend tool selected apply it from the top corner of the triangle to the center bottom as shown in the image.

step 8

Deselect go to filters>light & shadow >drop shadow and set the values to

  • offset x: -7
  • offset y: 2
  • Blur radius:9
  • color 8f8f8f
  • opacity 40

Then move the piece 1px down and 1px to the right so that it cover some of the shadow in the corner

step 9

Select the “blend tool” and apply the same gradient in step 6 from top corner to bottom as shown in the image

Thats it your done!

Here is what i originally made the paper for, to place an icon for one of my shortcuts πŸ™‚ this outcome seems to have turned out better because i used a lighter gray in the gradient so try that.

You can download the XCF file from below , also if you need help please use the forum instead