How to Embed a PowerPoint Presentation on a Blog or Website

Last Updated on March 13, 2020

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If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably know how important it is to share interesting content with your readers. But sometimes it’s not enough just to write a detailed post, let alone create original, quality content that takes time.

If you’re not comfortable experimenting with video or audio, what can you do to make your content more appealing? The answer is to contact SlideShare.

Integrating SlideShare presentations into your WordPress articles opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your blog. Not only can you find interesting information that expands your topic, but you can also use it to secure your post.

Another advantage of integrating SlideShare presentations is that traffic is redirected to your blog. If you reuse your article and convert it into a SlideShare presentation, you can include a link to your blog so that anyone watching the presentation can come back and read your article for more information.

In today’s tutorial, we will guide you through the process of integrating a sample SlideShare presentation on your website. This sample presentation is taken from one of our previous tutorials on creating SlideShare presentations with PowerPoint.

Upload Powerpoint File and Link

Yes, you can simply upload a PowerPoint file to your web space and create a link to it, just like you would any other file. Visitors click and download the file to view it on their own computer. Of course, this only works if all users already have PowerPoint (or compatible software) installed on their computer. So you can convert your slideshow into a PDF document.

But how many of your visitors will bother to download and install software just to view your slideshow? You can get around this problem by saving your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF document and linking to it. However, most of your visitors will need to download the file to their own computer to view it.

When the presentation itself is integrated into your website as part of the online content, all your visitors have to do is click and watch. Your message is delivered to more people, more easily – and that’s the whole point of the Internet.

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Upload to an FTP server

Start by converting your presentation to HTML5. You can do this easily with iSpring Converter Pro. Then upload the HTML5 package to your FTP server and use its URL to embed it into the iframe.

Start by converting your presentation to HTML5. You can do this easily with iSpring Converter Pro. Then upload the HTML5 package to your FTP server and use its URL to embed it into the iframe.

Please note that you can set a different width and height for the presentation window. For example, if you set width=”100%”, the presentation will adapt to the width of the page. When converting presentations with iSpring Converter, the width-to-height ratio set in PowerPoint is maintained to avoid distortion.

Integrate PowerPoint with desktop web applications and SkyDrive

This method is free and is supported by Microsoft Office web applications, so it is theoretically the official method to do so.

First, you need to access SkyDrive (, you need to connect to Hotmail or Windows Live to use it) and upload your .ppt presentation file to a shared folder in the cloud space. You can then share the file online and you will receive an HTML code.

Integrate PowerPoint with Google Docs

Google Docs is able to convert virtually any .ppt presentation file and other documents such as Word or Excel spreadsheets into Google Docs, and you can embed the PowerPoint viewer into any HTML page.

The built-in Google Docs viewer is a free tool you can use. For more information, visit the official Google blog. To use this service, you must replace the URL in the following code with your .ppt file. You can also control the height and width.


Don’t forget that everyone can see, download and use them, since the integration is in the public domain.

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