How to Fix PUBG Lagging in Windows 10

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is a Battle Royal game that, in just a few days – since its launch – has amassed the largest online player base of all time. PUBG has left behind the biggest games in the online world and became the most played game of 2017.

However, many players report lagging during the game, which is unacceptable and spoils the enjoyment of the game. FPS crashes and poor network connection can cause delays.

What is the reason for the lags in PUBG?

Based on our research and numerous user reports, we have found various reasons that can cause delays in the game.

  • Game Settings: The game will change the default settings for the recommended system, which may not work for you. You need to change the settings according to your system.
  • Windows performance: Sometimes Windows will limit CPU and memory speed due to power savings, which can cause a slight difference in FPS.
  • Slow Internet: FPS is not the only reason for lag, but lag (ping) due to slow Internet can also make the game slow and difficult to play. Better connection provides less ping, which is better for online play.

Close programs that monopolize the network

Your game may experience network lag issues if your computer’s programs consume more network resources. Check your computer and close all unnecessary programs and see if your network status returns to normal.

Reduce the resolution of your game

Running PUBG at a lower resolution can also help eliminate delays:

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  • Create a shortcut to your PUBG, right click it and select Properties.
  • On the Shortcut tab, in the Destination field, leave a space and enter a resolution: a resolution of your choice (for example, 1024 × 768).
  • Start the game in PUBG and see if the PUBG issue timeout has been fixed.

Reduce the heat of your computer

If your computer is overheating, you may experience low FPS or latency issues. Check your computer and see if the cooling system is working properly. Remove dust from the cooling system and vents.

Disable automatic syncing and updates

The sync function is available on all Android devices. It syncs data to the cloud as well as services like Gmail, Facebook, Google, etc. The Google Play store also offers an automatic app update feature as soon as an update becomes available.

This takes up a significant portion of the available data. Disabling these features will mean that data from the Internet will not be used for these services. This would reduce the latency if it were due to latency.

Clear cache

Cache is data that is temporarily stored in memory when someone is using an application. Every application has a cache that is stored for smooth operation. If there is not enough space on the mobile phone, the cache files will slow down the phone even more. Clearing your cache is a great way to free up space.

If the problem persists, please contact PUBG Player Support. Here you will get a brief description of the problem, as well as the match ID (the session during which the FPS issues occurred) and a replay of the game.

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