Manage passwords in Internet Explorer with Credential Manager

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Windows 8 facilitates password management in Internet Explorer 11/10. You can do this by automatically storing and retrieving passwords from all the websites and applications you use – securely. If you want to manage your passwords in Internet Explorer, you can do so as follows:

Manage passwords in Internet Explorer 11

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Open Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Content tab. Under Automatically Complete, click Settings.

In the Auto-completion settings area, click Manage passwords.

This opens the Windows Credential Manager. Credential Manager helps you store credentials such as user names and passwords in one convenient location. This identifying information, which you use to connect to websites or other PCs on the network, is stored in special folders on your PC. Windows can securely access these folders and use your saved credentials to automatically connect to websites or other PCs.

Web credentials in Credential Manager

In Windows 8, Credential Manager another type of credentials called Web Credentials, in addition to Windows Credentials, called Windows Vault in Windows 7, Web Credentials Internet Explorer 10 helps store your Web passwords securely. Credential Manager manages your credentials using the Credential Locker Service, which creates and manages a secure storage area on the local computer that stores user names and passwords stored by users of Windows 8 websites and applications.

In the Credential Manager, you can view all your Web Credentials passwords. To see the passwords behind the asterisk, you can click Show. Windows will ask you for your login password to verify your identity.

The password is then activated. If you wish, you can also delete the registered password(s) by clicking Remove.

Read: How to manage registered user names and passwords.

Although you can add, save, and restore Windows credentials, there is no way to add or edit Web credentials. Microsoft recently listed changes it has made to Internet Explorer 11 password policies and auto-fill forms to reduce confusion among users that their passwords are recovered from one site but not another. Check this post to see how Internet Explorer 11 now stores passwords

Go here if your password manager does not work properly on Windows 8 and here if you are looking for free password managers for Windows.

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