Problems with Windows 10 and freeze problems after upgrading to the new version

Windows 10 Anniversary Update v 1607 caused problems and Windows 10 Creators Update v1703. Some have not installed it, while others who have installed it have problems and problems like freezing Windows 10 and so on. If you are working with installation, upgrade, freeze, activation, etc., you will need to install the software. problems with Windows 10 after the upgrade, this article lists some solutions as well as links to articles you might find useful if you need to solve problems with the anniversary update of Windows 10. read more

To reset Windows Store applications in Windows 10 using the settings

Windows 10 v1607 and later, you can now simply click to reset your Windows Store App if it does not work properly. Previously, when applications weren’t working properly, the solution was to re-register them with PowerShell, but with this new feature, you can easily reset applications. I will show you where the application reset setting is available.

Reset Windows Store applications

Open the Start menu and click the Settings icon. Then click on 0n System then on Apps & Features in the left area. You will then see the following window. read more

Windows Troubleshooting 10 Blue Screen

Troubleshooting Windows Stop Errors or Blue Screens has never been easy. They usually check your hardware, update the device drivers, maybe do other things and hope it works. In addition to the fact that the Blue Screen Troubleshooter is included in Windows 10, Microsoft has launched a website that helps beginners and newcomers repair their blue screens under Windows 10. The integrated convenience store is easy to use and automatically corrects BSODs. Microsoft Online Windows 10 Blue Screen Troubleshooter is a wizard designed to help beginners correct their stop errors. It offers useful links along the way. read more

Device Guard and Credential Guard Hardware Readiness Tool for Windows 10

Microsoft has released a Device Guard and Credential Guard Hardware Readiness Tool that allows customers to enable Device Guard or Credential Guard and check if their Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 hardware is ready for it.

Device Guard is firmware that does not load un-authenticated, unsigned, unauthorized and unauthorized programs and operating systems. It is a combination of hardware and software security features that together lock a device so that it can only run reliable applications.

Credential Guard is one of the most important security features of Windows 10, providing protection against hacking of domain access data and preventing hackers from taking control of corporate networks. With features such as Device Guard and Secure Boot, Windows 10 is more secure than any other Windows operating system. read more

How to let Apps use trusted devices in Windows 10

Microsoft has included an option in the Settings for Windows 10 application that allows applications on your PC to use your Trusted Devices. In this context, any device that you frequently connect to your system can be identified as a trusted device. This can be any hardware that connects to your Windows 10 PC or comes with your PC, tablet or phone. Any external storage device such as Pen Drive, SSD, etc., Xbox game console, TV or projector that you have connected to your PC can be considered a trusted device. read more

The default printer constantly changes under Windows 10

Microsoft has removed the’Consider Network Location’ feature for Windows 10 printers and changed its behavior. Windows 10 now sets the last selected printer as the default printer. This can be irritating sometimes. If you are looking for a way to prevent Windows 10 from changing your default printer, you can use the Windows 10 Settings application or change the Windows registry.

The default printer constantly changes

Open in WinX Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanner menu.

Scroll down a bit until you see a setting Let Windows manage my default printer . read more

Windows 10 Error 0x80072ee7

Some users report that they received a Something went wrong, could not download Windows 10, please check your network settings and try again the message with the error code 0x80072ee7 if they tried to update their Windows 10 PC to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, using the Windows 10 Update Update Update Wizard tool. If you have been confronted with this problem, here are some things you might try.

Windows 10 could not download, error 0x80072ee7

Although you received the error when using the Upgrade Wizard, this error can typically occur when you are using Windows Update or updating your Windows Store applications. read more

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to improve the sound of your PC

The Realtek high definition audio driver is one of the most used audio drivers offering high quality DTS, Dolby, Surround sound. This driver has a number of features and functionality, such as a six-channel digital-to-analog (DAC) converter that fully supports the 16/20/24-bit pulse code modulation format for 5.1-channel audio. Realtek HD Audio Driver is normally required for your audio device to work. The company released the latest audio drivers a month before Windows 10 was released to keep pace with the modified desktop environment. read more

Download the latest ISO Windows 10 disk image files

Microsoft has created a web page on which you can download the latest Windows 10 ISO files or available disk image files. You can now download the latest ISO Windows 10 ISO disk image files from here.

Download current Windows 10 ISO files

If other methods of upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10 fail, you can use this Windows 10 ISO for reinstallation, reinstallation, or upgrade.

After downloading the ISO file, you can create your own installation media using a USB stick or DVD.

Read: Upgrade to Windows 10 with Windows 10 ISO.

Before you start downloading, there are a few things you should know: read more

How to set the priority of notifications in Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft has integrated many new features into Windows 10. Of all the new inclusions, the Action Center is one of the best things Windows 10 users can use to become more productive. The action center consists mainly of two parts, the quick action icons, which allow you to perform quick actions, and the notifications that are displayed. If you receive several notifications daily, it may be useful to set a priority for the different types of notifications you receive.

If you receive only two or three notifications per day, it is not necessary to prioritize application notifications. However, if you receive more than 10 notifications per day, you can prioritize them. read more