Bitwarden can store and synchronize your passwords on all devices

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Using one strong password is the minimum you can do to protect your online identity and protect your virtual environment. It’s equally important to manage and secure all your passwords under one roof so you can easily access your passwords when you’re on the go. Today, we will review Bitwarden, a simple and free way to create, store and access your passwords to other devices.

Password storage and synchronization with bitwarden

Many people use the same password on several pages or make it easy to guess. The reason is that it is difficult to remember several difficult passwords! That’s why we need a secure password manager that provides you with an enhanced vault to protect your passwords. Bitwarden allows you to store and synchronize your passwords on multiple devices. Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional features of this application.

Protected environment

Bitwarden provides one secure environment to keep your passwords safe. You only have access to your passwords if you lock them in his encrypted safe. Its encryption standards make it impossible for anyone to access your passwords, even Bitwarden technicians. It stores all your passwords in a secure crypt with excellent algorithms such as 256-bit AES encryption, salt hashing and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

It stores your passwords in a secure and encrypted cloud environment that you can easily access with any device. Taking into account the accessibility environment of each device, your safe is optimized for high performance on each device.

It’s Open Source

Well, what’s more winning than that! Bitwarden is a 100% open source that reveals the techniques it uses to store and secure your passwords. If you are also a technician, you can give your opinion, check the code and help make Bitwarden even safer.

How to add a website and save your passwords

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Before you can add a website and secure your passwords with Bitwarden, you must create a user account. When creating the account, you must set one master password that includes all your passwords stored in the vault. If you forget your Master Password, there is no way to recover it. The maximum you can do is set one hint that can remind you of your master password. It is therefore very important to choose the master password correctly.

Once your account is created, you can login directly to your vault and add the website for which you wish to register the password. Click New Page in the left navigation bar under My Treasure and enter the details. You can also place several homogeneous pages in a folder.

One interesting thing about Bitwarden is the two-step application . This allows you to allow login attempts on your account by adding an additional level of security. You must download an application to your mobile phone and scan the QR code displayed on the screen, then enter the verification code you receive on the mobile application. The process is quite simple, but it helps you close your account more securely.

Well, that’s about it. Bitwarden is available as an extension for Chrome. Extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Edge are under development and should be available soon. It is also available as an Android application and an iOS application. Get them all on his homepage.

Let us know if you are using this password management tool and share your experiences with us.

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