Convert files to Docx format to RTF format with Docx2RTF

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Many online services such as Google Docs and allow the display and editing of Docx formats. What if you still want to edit these Docx documents but Microsoft Word is not installed? Doc2Rtf, a portable freeware tool, can help you in such cases.

The program converts the Docx format into RTF format, which can be read by almost any modern word processor. When you convert these documents, Docx2Rtf shows you a page layout of the recovered documents and allows you to send them to your printer.

Doc2Rtf allows you to edit, view, print and convert Microsoft Word Docx, SXW/ODT (Open Office), HTML, Plain Text (*.txt), Portable Document Format (*.pdf), and Rich Text (*.rtf) files as well as most popular graphics files, including multi-page graphics such as TIFF.

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The program requires no Office or OpenOffice installation to run and is sufficient to load more Microsoft Works files than Microsoft Word. With Docx2Rtf, you can also communicate with other users who insist on sending you ODF files you’ve never seen before.

Doc2rtf is now available with a multilingual interface. Some of the more recent changes include support for underlined and italic text in Office 2007 and OpenOffice files. You can run Docx2Rtf from the command line. There must be a space between the command line buttons (-a or -f) and the file or folder you want to convert.

ie : Docx2Rtf -a C:My document to convert test.docx


Docx2Rtf -a C:My document to convert test.odt

The above command line would cause Docx2Rtf to convert the specified file C:My Document to C:My Document to convert.rtf. If the file to be converted has a space in the path, you must put the file name in quotation marks as shown above.

You can convert one entire document file at a time (switch -f) with the following command :

Docx2Rtf -f C:My folder to convert

The above command line would convert all DOCx files to rtf in the specified folder. If the folder to convert has a space in the path, you must put the path name in quotation marks as shown above.

If you want to convert other file types to rtf, you must add the file extension to the command line this way :

Docx2Rtf -f C:My folder to convert odt

The above command line would convert all odt files found in the specified folder to rtf format.

If you want to convert a file folder to pdf, you must add both file extensions to the command line this way :

Docx2Rtf -f C : My docx conversion folder


Docx2Rtf -f C : My docx conversion folder

Doc2Rtf consumes very little resources and disk space. As it also serves as an image viewer and editor for several document formats, you can link it to the Palm OS or MS Office database and open it automatically with Docx2Rtf.

Download page: Docx2RTF.

Docx2Rtf runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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