Forward URLs to nearby computers using Google Tone

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When working as a team, the most important thing is to be on the same side. Communication is therefore the most important aspect of teamwork. Of all the digital means of communication available, we will find one unconventional in this article. Speaking of short range data transmission: There are a number of common options. These include Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi and a few others. Although most of them depend on additional hardware, there is another transfer mode, which can be performed via a microphone pair and a speaker. Google Tone is a very good example of an application that uses audio to transmit small information such as text and URLs. This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to share URLs with neighboring computers using audio. The extension plays a sound that can be recorded from nearby computers to access the URL sent.

Google Tone for Chrome Browser

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Tone can send any URL to nearby computers through your computer’s speakers. At the same time, it can also listen to incoming messages from other Tone users.

This extension is very useful if you want to quickly share a URL with other people in your environment. Tone can be used during a presentation or demo where the URL must be shared with the public. Tone cannot yet send information to phones, but we believe it will be available soon. For now, you can only send URLs to nearby computers on which the Tone Extension is installed on Google Chrome.

The use of the extension is quite simple. Simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store and wait for the blue speaker icon to appear next to the address bar. Once there, you can click this icon to share your browser URL with nearby computers. For Google Tone to work, you must have your earphones or headphones turned off or off. Once you click the button, you can hear the audio from your computer where the URL is embedded. It is recommended to use this extension if there is less background noise.

If Google Tone has successfully sent the URL, the blue speaker icon turns green, otherwise it turns red. For correct operation, the microphone must be enabled and Google Tone must be able to hear itself.

On the recipient side, you will see a small notification that a URL has been sent. You can click on this notification and you will be redirected to the URL sent via audio. The extension does not automatically open the URL for you, so you are protected against malicious links that can be sent via audio.

As far as security is concerned, the URLs you send are entirely public. Anyone who hears the sound can open this URL on their computer. So make sure you don’t send anything confidential with Google Tone.

URLs are shared as in a text medium. No session information or saved connection data is transmitted, only the URL of the plain text in the audio.

Google Tone is an excellent extension that uses technology at its best. Also, when you send something with audio, it’s like the way you talk. Sound cannot penetrate walls and volume can be adjusted to reach an appropriate number of people. Currently, Google Tone only supports URL sharing, but we expect more features soon. A similar implementation of this technology can be seen in Google Tez, a UPI application in India that allows you to pay nearby users with audio. Click here to get Google Tone.

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