3 free time synchronization software for Windows 10/8/7

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If your Windows does not synchronize the system time correctly, use this freeware to force Windows to synchronize the time each time it starts. By default, Windows 10/8/7 synchronizes the system time weekly with the Internet servers. And he does his job well. However, some users report that time synchronization fails because the Windows Time Service did not work, or the Windows system time jumps backwards. If you encounter this problem, you can use free time synchronization software on your Windows system.

These time synchronization problems with your computer may be caused by changed settings or interference charges for third-party software or a defective CMOS battery or other hardware problems. If Windows does not synchronize the system time correctly, it can cause an incorrect date and time to be displayed each time you turn on your computer – which can cause computer or browser problems. To solve this problem, we have a large number of third-party time synchronization software that can update your system time from the Internet.

NetTime or network time

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NetTime is a free open source tool that works with the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). To start with this tool, you only need the address of the time servers with which you want to synchronize the system time. Although the tool is preinstalled with the standard NetTime time servers, it seems that my computer could not connect to some of them. You can add up to five time servers by specifying their IP address or host name.

NetTime supports communication via three protocols, namely SNTP, TCP and UDP. You can select the protocol according to your time server. The tool is designed to automatically synchronize the system time. Once configured, the tool will automatically synchronize the time in the background. You can also force synchronization or specify the interval after which the time should be synchronized again. There are only a few other parameters that you can adjust according to your needs. Click here to download NetTime.

Synchronization of atomic clock

Atomic clocks are considered the most accurate clocks ever built. These devices are standard for international time distribution. These services are then used in television programs, satellites, etc. If you want to synchronize your computer time with the time of an atomic clock, you might be interested in Atomic Clock Sync.

This tool can help you synchronize your computer’s time with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) nuclear time servers in the United States. The time provided by these servers is considered the most accurate and correct. You can specify a synchronization interval at any time and force synchronization. Few customization features are available, but the tool comes with a repair program that can help you repair Windows Time Service in the event of a problem. Click here to download Atomic Clock Sync.

Dimension 4

Dimension 4 is another time synchronization tool for Windows. It works the same way as NetTime. What I liked most about Dimension 4 was the integrated list of time servers around the world. The tool comes with an integrated list of time servers with their location. So you don’t need to search for time servers online. Dimension 4 comes with all the advanced and basic features to keep Windows time in sync with the best time servers. Click here for dimension 4

These are some of the tools that can help you synchronize your computer’s time with international servers. Do you use another tool? If so, let us know.

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