Hotspot Shield VPN Review and free download

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We have covered many free VPN software and other privacy tools on the The best VPN we’ve found so far is Spotflux. Hotspot Shield VPN was mentioned by a reader, so I thought about checking it. This Hotspot Shield VPN exam is the result of my experience with the privacy tool.

Hotspot Shield VPN verification

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Installation on my Windows 8.1, took some time compared to SpotFlux, which is installed in less than a minute. During installation, it changes your home page – on all browsers, especially Internet Explorer – it opens as soon as you complete the installation. He also tries to install the Findwide Toolbar . However, you can reject the offer by clicking DECLINE – but you still have a modified home page, which the Hotspot Shield selects for you. This is the first deviation!

You will also receive extensions for Firefox and Chrome, as well as IE help for Internet Explorer when installing the software. I tried to disable the extension in Firefox – but he said it is necessary for the program to work properly – so I gave him the advantage of doubt.

Unlike Spotflux, which creates a virtual network adapter, Hotspot Shield uses browser extensions. This gave me the feeling that the tool is more of a proxy than a full VPN.

Benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN

As claimed by Hotspot Shield VPN manufacturers, you can access different websites by pretending to be in a different country. You can select countries from a drop-down list that includes Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Your privacy is protected to some extent. Hotspot Shield provides you with a virtual tunnel through which you can access various websites, ensuring that you remain anonymous because your ISP, etc. cannot snoop on the websites you visit.

You cannot track web pages either, because the IP address is changed. The IP address has been changed and could not resolve it as a proxy. It has been claimed that this site got my router IP address – which is good. If your computer has Flash cookies and the website uses browser fingerprints, the marketing companies connected to the website may discover who you are based on your browsing habits.

You can also surf safely on public WiFi hotspots. There are many dangers of public WiFi, as explained in the related article. They can be hacked or at least observed by others sniffing around outgoing and incoming data packets on your computer. A free VPN that provides anonymity and proxy can help you stay safe.

VPN Hotspot Shield VPN offers all this. We can therefore assume that the VPN is good, especially since it is free. There are also paid versions if you want to advertise for free.

Disadvantages of Hotspot Shield VPN

One of the disadvantages of Hotspot Shield is the slow connection. It is not the same during all hours of the day (and night), but if Internet traffic is good (speaking of the Western world), the VPN is exceptionally slow and causes DNS resolution dead times, then web pages do not load.

It also disconnects in case of high traffic but automatically restores the connection. If you have just started a visit to a website and the connection is interrupted, the website knows your current IP address. This may betray you or, at most, you may not be able to access the website if it is censored in your office or country. In addition, each time you reconnect, Internet Explorer opens, which is not possible when you use other browsers.

The biggest irritation is that Hotspot Shield places many ads – in the application interface when you open it from the taskbar and in the sites you open. In the websites you open, the ads appear in a frame at the top of the site, so that part of your screen would be a VPN Hotspot ad. If a website already has a top bar for advertising, half of your screen is devoted to advertising. In addition, some ads appear in new tabs without triggers (or when the connection is established and reset), which is very frustrating.

The score

Hotspot Shield VPN is good – as long as you can support intrusive advertising in the form of banners and popups in new tabs. The speed is slow and the displays are quite intrusive. Download it here if you want to download it.

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If you have free VPN suggestions or names, please drop them in the comments field so that we can create a list of the best free VPNs.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at Globus Free VPN Browser.

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