With ProtonVPN’s free VPN service you can encrypt your connection

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VPN software is useful if you need to surf the Internet without leaving fingerprints or search for regionally restricted content without barriers. We have already looked at some free VPN software for Windows – and today we are looking at a new VPN application called ProtonVPN It is developed by the same people who launched ProtonMail a few months ago. ProtonVPN is a simple but very secure VPN application for everyone. Let’s take a look at the functions of ProtonVPN.

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ProtonVPN has some basic but well integrated features. The user interface looks pretty good. It displays all information on one screen. In addition to the free version, it also offers paid options. But if you are a regular Internet user browsing some basic websites or accessing bank accounts on the Internet, the free version of ProtonVPN should be good enough for you.

This software offers the following functions :

      • One-click connection You are just one click away from connecting to a Proton VPN server. This means that you can connect to one of the three servers with a single click. It chooses the best connection according to the speed.
      • Profile management : You can create a profile with your own name, server, country, etc. This allows you to connect to a specific server at any time.
      • Detailed usage report: You can check the amount of data you used as well as the length of the season, download bandwidth, download bandwidth, download bandwidth, download speed and download speed.

After downloading, installing and starting this program, you will first see the following window –

Here you must enter your username and password and create your ProtonVPN account. When you have done this, you will see the following window

Here you can select the country, location and server from which you want to connect to the Internet. It takes an average of 30 seconds to establish a connection.

If you want to create a profile, go to Profiles and click on the button Create new profile . Here you can adapt your profile according to your wishes.

This VPN software does not have many possibilities to play. And actually, there’s not much need. All you have to do is use the Auto connect option in Settings > General. This option connects the VPN automatically after your computer starts up.

An important feature of VPN software is the Kill Switch. This feature hides your real IP address, even if the VPN connection is interrupted at random – and in our opinion, this is a must for any good VPN.

ProtonVPN does not record or track your Internet activity. It integrates well with Tor’s anonymity network. As a company based in Switzerland, it is protected by the strictest data protection laws. Switzerland is located outside the EU and the USA and is not a member of the 14-Eye Surveillance Network.

The free version has some limitations. It offers access to only three countries. In other words, you can only connect to three different servers. In addition, you can only connect a device that is a free user. It is not currently limited by the use of bandwidth, but its speed would be slower than that of the paid account.

In addition to using regular antivirus software, we believe it is now time to use VPN software for security and privacy protection. If you want to try ProtonVPN, you can visit its official website .

It took me about 2 months for my free account to be approved. Let us hope that the time needed will decrease in due course.

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