How to Cast a Chrome Tab to your TV

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Creating a tab from Chrome is useful if you mainly want to distribute static content such as photos from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. It’s also an ideal tool for viewing a website on a larger scale without the pixelation and resizing you encounter when zooming.

If you want to view a presentation on a larger screen, Chromecasting a tab is a good choice.

Casting a Chrome tab does not work well for some videos.

Some video sites, such as YouTube, support Chromecasting and work well. Chromecast takes content directly from the Internet and treats the tab like a TV remote control. In fact, it stops paying the bill, which can sometimes cause problems (see below).

But if you use something like Vimeo, DailyMotion or Amazon Prime Video, it doesn’t work well because these sites don’t integrate perfectly into the Chrome ecosystem. Instead of streaming content directly from the web to your TV, you stream it to your computer and then from the Chrome tab to your TV.

Depending on your computer and Internet connection, this extra layer is a recipe for interference and other problems. You can work around this problem by using the mobile application of the streaming service you want to use. These applications often have native chrome support, which solves the problem. You can also choose to launch the media instead of the entire tab.

How to Cast a Tab from the Chrome Browser

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You can also cast the entire desktop, or an audio or video file to your TV.

  • Start the Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Click the “More Options” icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
  • Click Cast… and the Cast icon will appear to the right of the Chrome address bar and a Cast tab window will appear.
  • Select the Sources drop-down list and then perform the following steps depending on the casting method you wish to use :
  • To launch the Chrome browser, click the Start tab.
  • To launch the desktop, click Launch Desktop → click on the desktop screen in the Share Full Screen window> → click Share.
  • To launch an audio or video file, click Launch File →; navigate to the file and select it in the Open File → window; click Open.
  • Click to select the TV.
  • To stop casting, move to the right of the chrome address bar, click the Casting icon, hover over the device making the cast, and select Stop Casting.

Note: To stop casting, click the Casting icon, hover over the camera that is casting, and select Stop Casting:

  • The Google Cast icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser will appear as a blue Active Cast icon when successfully connected to TV.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, and other applications allow direct casting as soon as you start using the service. Click the Cast icon in the application or on the website.

What About the Google Cast Extension?

The Google Cast extension is still available, but it doesn’t do much. All it offers is a one-click icon in the toolbar that you can click to access Chrome’s built-in casting feature. At any time, you can simply right-click on the current page or open the menu to access this feature, so you don’t have to click once.

In the past, this extension was the only way to cast from Chrome. It also offered additional options, such as the ability to optimize the video quality of the casting and to play only the sound of a specific tab. These options no longer seem to be available.


Creating a Chrome tab is relatively processor-intensive, so you’ll need an Intel i3 processor or equivalent running Windows 7; for Mac, you’ll need at least a MacBook pro 2010 running OS X 10.9.

All Chrome books from 2014 and later support Chrome tab molding, models based on Haswell 2013 and the Samsung Chromebook 2 also support Chrome tab molding. Results on Linux will vary depending on the distribution, drivers and desktop environment, but it is recommended that you exceed the minimum system requirements for Windows.

All platforms require at least one GPU equivalent to the Intel 3000 integrated graphics chip. All devices must be connected to the same network to operate.

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