How to Clear Previous Aliases in Steam

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Steam is a cloud gaming site where users can buy and store games online. Launched in 2003, this game platform has been in existence for nearly two decades. Some users have remained loyal to the platform since its inception.

The fact is that what seemed cool at 16 was no longer cool at an older age. For platforms like Steam, where we’ve been playing since we were young, names can mean a lot or a lot, depending on how you look at them. If your Steam account is outdated, can you change it?

With Steam, you can put your name on anything in the terms of service. This can make it difficult to find people, even if they’re already on your friends list. Find out who’s who by checking nicknames in Steam.

How to View and Clear Previous Aliases in Steam

Steam will always keep a history of the different nicknames and aliases you may have used throughout your playing career. You can check the aliases you’ve had over time, and you can see the aliases of all Steam users, whether or not they’re on your friends list. Steam accounts created for privacy reasons do not display most types of information, including previous aliases.

To see someone’s Steam nickname, you must go to your profile page. You can view each friend’s profile by opening a list of friends, right-clicking on a friend and choosing “View Profile”.

You can also do this with any account if you know the original username for that account, which is different from the nickname used by that account. Using any browser, go to and enter the person’s profile name after the last scarf.

Once you have viewed a person’s profile, you can see all of their aliases by clicking on the down arrow to the right of their name. If you log into your Steam account from a desktop client or website and view your own profile, you can delete all your previous aliases by clicking the “Delete Previous Aliases” button at the bottom of this drop-down menu.

Some people change their Steam aliases for fun, some for order names, some for other reasons. If you want to get rid of the aliases, this quick method will only take a few clicks.

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