Windows 8.1 Features and Tidbits

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This post is a collection of some of the interesting small features, observations on Windows 8.1 Pro Preview in particular the modern user interface. Many changes have been made to provide better support for users who prefer a mouse and keyboard. We have already described how to get Windows 8.1 Preview and how to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Preview, while keeping all desktop applications, settings, etc., and how to install Windows 8.1 Preview separately and boot it with the current operating system. Let’s now look at some of its interesting features.

Features of Windows 8.1

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These features are highlighted here only and will be discussed in detail in subsequent articles.

  • It is only during the installation that you will meet the new Betta fish , which can be seen in the Windows beta versions. And you can see it when you boot your system.
      • Many users did not like the removal of the start button in Windows 8, so that Microsoft has now provided one start button that gets a color on the mouse and shines on the accent color in customization and color can be changed.
      • If for some reason you don’t like the home screen, you can start directly on the desktop another feature that many people wanted. And you can even change your Home screen to display it as the All Applications screen.
      • You will immediately notice that tiles of different sizes are visible on the start screen, which now has more sizes of tiles to choose from, allowing efficient use of the start screen.
      • Now that your Lock Screen displays images as a slide show, it’s a beautiful cloud-powered photo frame that draws photos from folders on your PC, SkyDrive and mobile phone.
      • Facilitates multitasking. Now you can have up to 4 applications side by side on the screen, depending on resolution, screen size & you can define the space they occupy. Thus, the same screen share has not been defined by 2 applications in the snap application screen as before.
      • Now several tiles can be moved and arranged in one movement and renaming the group becomes easier.
      • Win+X Power User Menu gets option Shutdown, Restart.
      • You can also control the corners, you can disable Charms by pointing to the upper right corner.
      • My computer in older versions of Windows has been renamed to This PC. And it has also been redesigned.
      • After upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, you can see more free disk space compared to previously installed Windows 8 Pro.
      • There is now one new way to close Metro Apps.
      • If you have a tablet with a camera user, you can move down on the lock screen to use the camera while your tablet/PC is locked.
      • SkyDrive is more closely related to Windows 8.1, you will recognize it by the installation time itself. You can say that Windows 8.1 is supported by the cloud.
      • Windows 8.1 added more customization options, you have more rainbow colors to choose from.
      • You can even add desktop wallpapers directly behind the home screen and it changes regularly like desktop wallpapers.
      • Now you have animated wallpapers (movement accents) as standard fish background, just look at the bubble.
      • The fish moves with you as you scroll and its tail extends in the All Applications screen. This function has been noticed, but works randomly. There was another Dragon background that was demonstrated by Microsoft but not yet included in this Windows 8.1 preview.
      • Best Research – Does the Network too.
      • Microsoft gave us an easy way to close Windows 8.1 tablets and touch devices. Borrowing the Windows Phone Slide To Shut Down operating system is another way to turn off your PC.
      • Windows Store completely revised, many new Microsoft applications .
      • The computer included with Windows 8.1 also has a unit converter. In addition to conversion to real units, pools (volume), whales (weight), jumbo jets (length), locks, cake slices, locomotives, DVDs, etc. are also converte
      • The start screen has an arrow at the bottom left, which opens the new enhanced screen All applications.
      • The updated PC settings allow you to access all your settings without having to go to the Desktop Control Panel.

This is a part of the tidbits associated with Windows 8.1. In addition to these ingenious little features, there are many other features that offer businesses and professionals a modern computing experience. And now Windows 8 is available in many new form factor tablets.

You can also try other new features in the areas of networking, mobility, security, user experience, and others such as the new integrated support of the Windows 8.1 3D printer.

As already mentioned, some of these items have already been dealt with in detail, others will be dealt with in the coming days – every day.

Tell us what you think about Windows 8.1

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