How do I recover Outlook emails?

So….. you recently deleted some important emails, and you need to get them back? Don’t worry about it! Fortunately, there is a solution, even if you have deleted your deleted object folder. Indeed, if you delete your emails, contacts and other items in Microsoft Outlook from your inbox and folder Deleted Items, Microsoft Outlook will keep them for some time before deleting them permanently.

What is a PST file?

PST is the abbreviation for Personal Storage Folder. A PST file is a personal folder file in MS Outlook. This is Outlook’s default storage limit of 2 GB. It is used to store copies of emails, calendars, contacts, notes and other items. read more

Recover deleted Outlook Express emails

E-mail communication is becoming the most popular means of communication. Many businesses and organizations perform their regular email operations when these emails are damaged; these businesses face many difficulties and need software or email recovery tools to solve such serious problems. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are the best-known email clients ever developed in the world.

The complete integration of email, calendar and contact management makes Outlook the ideal client for many business users. Despite the large installation base of these email clients due to the popularity of Windows, they have not been able to eliminate the common problems that cause damage to the memory files of the email databases of these two emails. read more

Outlook Express inbox emails have disappeared

Outlook Express and Windows Mail store your emails in large files called DBX files, there is a DBX file for each Outlook Express folder, such as the inbox, sent items and any other folder you have created yourself. If DBX files still exist, you should be able to retrieve emails from them. To do this, you can use an external DBX drive to query DBX files and see if emails exist.

A common confusion for Outlook under Windows 2000 and Windows XP is that each Windows user account receives its own set of Outlook Express mail folders by default. So, if you are using multiple accounts on Windows, you may simply be connected to another account and look at a different set of folders. read more

What is the inbox repair tool?

The Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool is a unique executable program, a file called Scanpst.exe. Scanpst.exe is one of the most popular and used tools by many Outlook users to scan and repair their damaged Outlook files. However, there are situations where you will use the Scanpst.exe alias inbox repair tool to repair your files, but your Outlook will still not respond. So today, with this article, I will tell you why this is happening and what to do if something like this happens.

  • Outlook files are slightly corrupted, so it is recommended to always back up all important files, emails and contacts. However, if you forget to back up your files, you still have an integrated repair option (to repair and restore files) in case of damage or loss.
  • When we see that Inbox Repair Tool is a trusted Microsoft product, but this free tool only works for minor damage and can sometimes only repair header corruption. As I said, the tool does not distinguish itself by repairing all your damaged files every time.

Support for corruption at the minimum level read more

How do I repair Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is an excellent email client tool, however, despite its many positive features, it is not without its own problems. A fairly common and yet important problem that people are confronted with this client software is the PST file error. What makes this error so devastating is the fact that all email addresses, attachments, emails and calendar dates are stored in the.pst file.

Chances are an end user will never experience this particular error, but if you do, the final results can be quite frightening. read more

Where do I find scanpst.exe in Windows 10?

Most Outlook users did not know where to find scanpst.exe and could not find the path scanpst.exe. So here in this blog I will tell you where to find the Inbox Repair program scanpst.exe in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2002. Easily find the default path for scanpst.exe for your Outlook version, even if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows.

Scanpst.exe or Outlook Inbox Repair is Microsoft’s free built-in utility. This software is pre-installed in MS Outlook and is used to troubleshoot and restore problems with Outlook PST files. With this free tool Scanpst.exe, a user can repair corrupted items in his Outlook mailbox such as contacts, calendar, tasks, logs, notes, etc. The Scanpst.exe utility is a free tool that allows a user to repair damaged items in his Outlook mailbox. read more

How do I repair a corrupt PST file?

PST files are often used to store copies of messages, calendar events and other similar items. They are particularly unreliable and vulnerable to corruption, which sometimes results in the loss of valuable data. In addition, the time it takes to resolve problems with PST files can represent a significant loss of resources for IT administrators.

PST files are created using the Microsoft Outlook desktop client. They are used to store local copies of emails, calendar events, contacts, to-do lists and other similar items. read more

How do I open PST files without Outlook?

Do you have a file with the PST extension? You want to open the PST file on your Windows 10 PC but you do not want to install Microsoft Office Outlook? Do you want to open the PST file without Outlook software? In this manual, we will understand what a PST file is and how to open it without installing Office Outlook on Windows 10.

A PST file is nothing more than an Outlook data file and contains emails, contacts and calendar events in your mailbox. You can export all emails, contacts and calendar events from or Office Outlook to a PST file to save your inbox. read more

How do I run scanpst?

Scanpst (also known as the inbox repair tool) is located in your Office installation folders, usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX, where XX is your Office version. On Vista and Windows 7 64-bit, the folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX.

A Outlook PST file is a personal folder file that is responsible for storing emails and items such as logs, notes, tasks, calendars, contacts and other attachments on your system. This is the preferred file format for MS Outlook. Each email message you send or receive with MS Outlook is stored on your PC as an Outlook PST file. read more

Where do I find scanpst EXE?

There are many errors and bugs that affect the Outlook email client on a daily basis. These can affect the functioning of a company and cause panic and disorder. Many employees are looking for ways to quickly resolve minor problems and repair Outlook data files (.pst and.ost). You choose a third party software, such as Outlook Repair, to avoid problems with the user’s profile. There are manual ways to solve this problem with the SCANPST.EXE tool. It is an integrated utility provided by Microsoft to repair OST and PST files. It works by analyzing each item file for files and checking for data integrity issues. To learn more about SCANPST’s location and how it can help you, see the next section. read more