Google Chrome Freezes, Stuck at 100% Downloading

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Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers on the market. Nowadays, most people use it to surf the Internet with different types of operating systems, including computers and mobile phones. However, as with any application, Google Chrome users have different problems. For example, if the download is 100% blocked, it can be very annoying. Follow the solutions below to solve the problem of freezing and stopping the download of Chrome.

Disable the built-in automatic chromium antivirus scanning for downloaded files.

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If you download something in chrome, the file will automatically be scanned by an antivirus program. If it detects it as dangerous, it places a warning and a delete button in the download bar below. And it also seems to be difficult and arbitrary. It is not clear how it determines exactly what “insecurity” is. I saw him let a file pass from a web page while harassing another very similar file on the same page. The only explanation is that Chrome actually contains a complete integrated antivirus. If this is the case, then it has definitely become a bloatware (which would also explain its massive growth since the first version).

Update Chrome

This problem has repeatedly been a widespread cruelty, similar to that of the plague. Users have reported that Chrome freezes internally and even affects the overall performance of the system. Google addressed this issue after several reports and updates solved the problem for the majority of users. The problem seemed to be the built-in Flash player, which caused Chrome to crash and occasionally caused the system to shut down.

Therefore, it is important to have the latest version of Google Chrome. Of course, we must point out that software patches are not very useful if you don’t have the right hardware, especially RAM. The problem may also be on your hard drive, so we recommend that you install Chrome on another partition and try it.

Download in chrome mode incognito

Problem extensions in the Chrome browser are also responsible for the fact that the Chrome download does not work. To work around the problem, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Google Chrome in standard browser mode and press Ctrl, Shift and N simultaneously. A new grey window appears with the text “You’ve gone incognito”, disable the automatic antivirus scanning of downloaded files[duplicate] integrated with chrome.
  2. In Google Chrome’s private browser mode, you can download something from the web, but it does not store browser history, cookies, etc.
  3. If the download can be completed, the problem will be temporarily solved by the browser’s incognito mode. In this case, you must check if there is a problem with one of the extensions to solve the download problem.

Deleting the local status file

First, delete the local status file that contains some of the custom settings and see if it helps you. To delete the Local State file, do the following:

  • Close Google Chrome
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Enter %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data in the address bar.
  • You will find the “Local State” file there. Delete it
  • Open Google Chrome and see if it helped.

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