How to participate in the Microsoft Early App Preview program

After the success of the Windows Insider program, a similar program for Microsoft Office products was announced under the name Office Insider program. Microsoft has taken this pre-launch concept to another level. You can now sign up for the Early App Preview program.


This program allows users to test inbox applications preinstalled with Windows 10. The list of applications that are part of this application preview program is the Microsoft News application, the Microsoft Photos application, Skype, Mail and Calendar, etc.. Now we want to see how you can participate in the Microsoft Early App Preview Program. read more

How to calibrate the Xbox One Controller under Windows 10

Windows 10 PC supports Xbox Game Controller. You can connect it to your PC and play games that support it. You can also play Xbox games on your PC and use the controller to play games when your Xbox One console and PC are far away. However, the controller often doesn’t seem to work properly, and if it does, you may need to calibrate the Xbox One controller on Windows 10. That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this guide.

How to calibrate the Xbox One Controller under Windows 10

Calibrate the Xbox One controller

You will know if your Xbox One controller needs to be calibrated if you have gaming problems on your PC. Sometimes the trigger is not released in time or something is wrong with the controller axis. They all lead to random movements during play. read more

Windows 10 locks when loading a screen

so you can access your files. If you use System Restore or if you want to run your antivirus to remove malware, which is often the case with most home users, this is the best boot mode. In addition to this feature, you also have access to other integrated Windows tools such as Command Prompt, PowerShell, Computer Manager, Device Manager, Device Manager, Event Log Viewer, etc.

Windows 10 locks when loading a screen

If you did not activate the F8 key, you can only start Windows 10 in this scenario from the Advanced Start Options menu described above. From this menu, select Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Start Settings > Restart > Press 4. read more

Windows 10 automatic volume increase

You are at home with your Windows 10 computer, but strangely, the Windows 10 operating system automatically increases the volume. You immediately wonder if a ghost is haunting your house. Well, there’s a good chance your computer isn’t haunted by a ghost who wants to eat your work. This is just one of the many problems that Windows 10 causes us from time to time. Like most problems with Windows 10, there are several ways to solve the problem, and we will look at some of them today.

windows-control-panel-sound read more

Impossible to change the screen resolution under Windows 10

Often, usually after upgrading to Windows or installing a new graphics card, you cannot adjust the resolution of your PC screen under Windows 10. Sometimes it is not possible to find an option to change the screen resolution because the drop-down menu freezes or always returns to the old resolution. Worse still, the monitor does not display native resolution. In this post, I talk about how to solve the problem if you can’t change the screen resolution in Windows 10.

Just before we begin, let’s try some basic advice. Open Settings to change the screen resolution. Go to Settings > System > Display. You should see a drop box under the Resolution label. See if you can change it to a better resolution than this. Sometimes, due to a problem, the display drivers automatically change the screen resolution. If this does not solve your problem, we will try other methods. read more

The application remains minimized in the taskbar under Windows 10

So you use your Windows 10 computer, and from blue, one or more of your open windows are automatically reduced to the taskbar. They decided to bring her back, but the problem remains. Applications remain minimized in the taskbar and clicking on the icon does not enlarge the window. Of course, it will be very annoying, but we are here to say that it is not necessary to do so, just read on for some corrections that we hope you can solve your problem.

The application remains minimized in the taskbar

The application remains minimized in the taskbar

1] Run a malware scan

The first thing you need to do is run your antivirus software and see if it spreads malware. You can use Microsoft’s free security scanner – and one of its features is to help users find and remove malware. read more

The mouse pointer or cursor disappears on Windows 10 or a surface device

Owners of a Windows 10 computer or Surface Pro device may sometimes notice that their mouse pointer has disappeared. If you are faced with this problem, this article will show you how to find the cursor on the Windows 10 PC, Surface Pro or Surface Book, or simply surf with Chrome. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use a mouse on a surface, as the computer is equipped with a touch screen and supports the surface pen. Plus, there’s a touchpad, but most people will tell you that using a mouse is much better than all the other options combined, especially for real work. read more

How to disable notifications in game mode under Windows 10

Windows 10 supports native games in game mode. This function involves the game bar, which is basically a set of commands to take, send, take a screenshot and enable and disable the game mode. Everything is great on the game bar, but what bothers me are the game mode notifications. Windows 10 prompts you to press Win+G to activate the game bar and tell you that the game mode is activated. This manual explains how to disable notifications in game mode under Windows 10.

To disable notifications in game mode under Windows 10

Disable game mode notifications on Windows 10

Each time you start a game, this notification appears. They show you what you can do with the game bar and ask you to activate the game mode. If you don’t like these notifications, let us know how you can disable them forever. Note that your game mode will still work after that, but you will not be notified. read more

Low Wi-Fi signal strength under Windows 10

Do you have low Wi-Fi signal strength on your Windows computer after an update or reinstallation? This article discusses some methods to solve this problem and overcome the low signal strength on your computer.

With our cognitive revolution, the way our devices connect has evolved. Most devices use one or the other radio technology to connect to other devices. All wireless technologies have some kind of range and signal strength limitation. You may have experienced something similar when you connect to a Wi-Fi network from your computer. This usually happens when you come from an update or a new installation. Read on to find out what causes a weak Wi-Fi signal and what solutions are possible. read more

Using the Install function on my Microsoft Store devices

If you use an Android phone, you should know that you can install all Google Play Store applications on your Android device directly from the Google Play website on your PC. Well, Microsoft deploys a feature similar to its Microsoft Store website, which is called Install on my devices. Previously, it was only available for installing applications on the current device. That is, when a user clicks the’Install’ button on the Microsoft Store web page, they redirect the user to the UWP version of the Microsoft Store that displays the page for the same application, and they simply install it. But now they are taking the next step. read more