Windows key or WinKey does not work on Windows 10

Windows Key or WinKey is one of the central Windows keys with which you can perform several tasks. Since the beginning of the Start menu via Win+Tab, Win+R, Win+R, Win+S and many others. Often this causes a problem and you cannot use it as you wish. This annoyance gets worse when you are in a remote desktop solution, and you get the impression that Windows Key or WinKey is disabled. In this manual, we examine different solutions to fix Windows Key or WinKey not running under Windows 10 read more

How to use a Mac formatted HFS+ drive on Windows

File management plays the most important role on a computer system. It controls how data is stored, organized and retrieved from storage media. In other words, it simply separates the data on the drive and marks it with file names and other attributes as well as indexing. Without the file management system, the data would be stacked in a large frame, without the beginning and end of the information being traceable. All computer systems such as Windows, Mac and electronic devices such as ATM, smartphones use file systems that can vary depending on the system. read more

How to check the Bluetooth version under Windows 10

Bluetooth is one of the most common methods of transferring files between a mobile device and the computer, but often the Bluetooth version is not compatible, causing connection and file transfer problems. While most smartphones now support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, you can’t really transfer files if your Windows 10 PC doesn’t support at least Bluetooth 4.0.

For those who don’t know, Bluetooth 4.0 is an optimized version of Bluetooth technology that extends functionality while maintaining compatibility with other devices. It is also called the low power version of Bluetooth because it is also supported by small battery powered devices. read more

How to ignore security issues when configuring a local user account on Windows 10

When creating a local Windows 10 account, the administrator is prompted to configure three security questions. This is important and necessary to ensure that there is an option to recover the account if the user has forgotten the password. Some might also consider it a weakening of connection security, as some answers could be guessed from users’ social profiles and so on – but who says the answers have to be true? You can always enter incorrect answers, which only you know if it is a problem. However, if you are looking for a way to remove security issues from Windows 10, we will tell you how to skip security issues when you set up a local user account in Windows 10. read more

Get help under Windows 10 that appears constantly

Most Windows PCs are now connected to the Internet and Microsoft has configured the F1 key on the keyboard to open the online help. Each time you press it, it starts Edge and automatically searches’how to get help in Windows 10′ with Bing. It’s wise, but it seems to be a major cause of trouble. Many users have reported that this happens randomly, even if the key is not pressed. This manual tells you what to do when How to get help under Windows 10 is constantly displayed.

There are two major problems. The first is random where a user gets this help in Windows 10 pop-up when he types somewhere. The second is a malware problem that changes the message to ‘Help in Windows 10 Viruses’. Well, let’s take a look at the Windows help and support solutions that keep reappearing in Windows 10. read more

Your graphics card does not support alpha blending

Ideally, a pixel on a screen is a combination of 3 colors (red, green, blue). Almost any opaque color could be made from this combination, but many advanced photo editing games and tools use transparent and translucent colors. Color components include what we call an alpha bitmap, and the process of mixing and producing these colors is called alpha blending. The transparency component is called alpha channel.

When you try to play games that require alpha blending, the user may receive the following error message: read more

Nvidia G-Sync does not work on Windows 10

If you are a PC player, chances are you have heard of G-Sync. It is an exclusive adaptive synchronization technology developed by Nvidia, which is probably the best in the industry despite strong competition from AMD’s FreeSync. G-Sync is about preventing the screen from tearing in video games, but to use it, you need a computer monitor supported by G-Sync. Since G-Sync is hardware-based, players will have little reason to activate V-Sync software.

Over the years, Nvidia has been attacked because of the proprietary nature of G-Sync, as there are free alternatives. Anyway, this adaptive synchronization technology is still the best, but it poses some problems. read more

Your password has been changed on another device

Microsoft recommends that users set a separate password for their device, unless they log in with their Microsoft account. However, you leave it up to the user to decide whether or not to set the password. Later versions of Windows introduced Windows Hello, a device specific feature to connect to the system using facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition or PIN code. To use this function, we must first configure a password.

Although PIN or biometric identification is a device that is intended to be a device specific function, it may be set to multiple devices if organizational policies permit. Here is an explanation of why a PIN code is better than a password and its device-specific features. The PIN is not stored on any server and therefore cannot be retrieved outside the device, although, as already mentioned, we could configure Windows Hello on several devices. read more

Function keys do not work on Windows 10 Laptop

Function keys (Fn) – F1, F2, F3, etc. are useful for those who urgently need shortcuts on their keyboards. Laptops are usually equipped with such keys, but desktop keyboards, especially game keyboards, are no strangers to these types of devices. If the function keys do not work, we cannot use these shortcuts.

It seems that some users encountered a problem where the function keys (Fn) were not working. As there are many brands of laptops, the specifics of troubleshooting can vary, but the generalized troubleshooting techniques do not differ dramatically. What steps can help you get rid of this problem? read more

Windows 10 Upgrading to the blank screen pasted with trash only &taskbar


  • A blank USB stick with at least 8 GB of disk space
  • Another working Windows PC that allows you to create a bootable Windows 10 device.

In case things go south, an upgrade in place, whose process was shown in this post to Windows 10 Upgrade, remained on the Select your keyboard layout screen. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download the media creation tool to another PC. This provides you with a bootable floppy disk from which you can perform an installation.
  2. Start from the USB device you just created by changing your BIOS settings.
  3. As we are trying to restore the old installation, we stop where it requires the keyboard layout. Select the US keyboard here and then on the screen Select an option , select Troubleshoot > Prompt.
  4. In the cmd.exe window, type C: and press Enter. Suppose C is the drive on which your Windows is installed.
  5. Type the following command Ren Windows.old.old.Windows.old.bak, and press Enter.
  6. Exit the command prompt and you will return to Select an option that we have already seen.
  7. Select Use a different operating system > Windows 10 on volume X, where X is a number.
  8. Give him a few minutes and he will load the desk.

Once this is finished, we are back on our usual desktop screen, and from there, we can start installing Window 10 manually. Since your access is limited if the desktop is not loaded, we use the Task Manager to start the Windows 10 Setup.exe file that is available in the USB.

      • Right-click an empty area on the taskbar, then select Task Manager > More Details > Select File, then Run New Task.
      • In the displayed dialog box, check box Create this task with administrative rights.
      • Select Browse and select the setup.exe file available on the USB stick.
      • This starts the Windows 10 upgrade. However, be sure to uncheck the option that tries to check for new updates

      Once the upgrade is complete, you can restore all your files from the Windows.old.bak folder. read more