Free laptop anti-theft recovery software for Windows PC

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Most stolen laptops are never recovered. However, if you have installed an anti-theft application, you can make sure that the result is not like that in your case. Finding a lost or stolen laptop becomes easier! In the post, you can find free anti-theft laptop recovery software for Windows.

Free anti-theft laptop recovery software

Laptop recovery applications are programs designed solely to locate and recover your laptop. Once installed, the software is able to run in the background, without the thief’s knowledge. The only reservation is that the laptop must be connected to the Internet before the location can be determined.


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LAlarm is a free security software for Windows. The highlight of the program is the sound. When a thief tries to steal a laptop, an audible signal sounds to help you restore it easily. But how does the intelligent application perform this action? Well, LAlarm uses your laptop’s USB port or power port as a sensor to detect if your device has been tampered with.

In addition to outputting big sound, the ingenious security freeware alerts you when a hard drive needs to be repaired or replaced to prevent data and locks your system immediately when someone tries to break your secure password. It also alerts when the battery is empty to maintain the limited life of the battery. The only error once the system is locked due to password falsification is when the program attempts to upload data from selected folders to your Gmail account. You must therefore have a Gmail account.


Prey anti-theft software is specially designed to detect devices that legally belong to you – mobile phones, laptops ! The ingenious application is silent but deadly! I mean, although it’s quietly in the back of your computer, it skillfully captures photos of the thief taken by the laptop’s webcam and screenshots of websites that were surfed when the thief used your device. He then sends all the evidence collected to your mailbox, depending on the reporting method chosen.

The owner receives regular updates on Wi-Fi points near the thief. Loot is easy. There is nothing to start or configure. All parameters necessary for the activation and monitoring of Prey services are accessible via the browser interface.


The free backup and recovery service can help you keep your important files safe and restore your computer in case of theft. All you need to do is sign up for a free account to register your computers, install Laptop Lock Agent for your Windows operating system and follow the instructions from the wizard.

In case of an accident, i.e. if your computer is stolen, simply log into your account and mark your computer status as stolen. If the device is connected to the Internet at any time, you can retrieve the actions. However, the laptop lock does not appear to have been updated for some time. Look here.


Adeona is the first open source system to locate your lost or stolen laptop and can be used for free. This anti-theft laptop recovery tool does not depend on a single third party. It continuously monitors the current location of the stolen laptop, collects information (such as IP addresses and local network topology) and uses it to identify the current location of the device. The client then uses powerful cryptographic mechanisms not only to encrypt the location data, but also to ensure that the encrypted text stored in OpenDHT is anonymous and cannot be linked. No one other than an owner (or a person of their choice) can use Adeona to track a laptop. This tool also does not seem to have been updated for some time.


IP Fetcher is a fast and easy to use program that retrieves your IP address and displays it in the program. You can save the copied IP address in a text file or even print it. IPFetcher is completely free to download and use.

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