Repair PUBG Stuck on Loading Screen Error on Windows 10

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PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is one of the most popular network multiplayer games in the style of royal battle, available for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Its dynamic action and style of play. combat actions, requiring tactics and strategies, made them mandatory. Although it is a reliable game, sometimes problems can arise. In this last part of our troubleshooting series, we will show you how to solve the problem of PUBG hang-ups while loading the screen.

Before trying to perform any of the recommended troubleshooting actions for this particular problem, it is best to reboot your computer first. This will update your operating system and fix the most common problems with your computer.

What makes PUBG hang on the boot screen?

You can play PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) on your PC, PS4 and Xbox One in multiplayer online fighting. This wonderful gaming experience has attracted many gamers from all over the world. However, you may also be worried about the general problem “PUBG does not boot”.

There are several reasons why the PUBG download screen hangs.

  • Outdated hardware such as a traditional hard drive and AMD graphics will reduce the load on PUBG. Sometimes outdated devices may cause incompatibilities.
  • Sometimes wrong Internet settings also cause files to crash due to PUBG.
  • According to an official report, overclocking your CPU or graphics processor may cause your PUBG to crash on the download screen. Therefore you should disable all types of overclocking.
  • It is also known that BEServices causes problems with your game.

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Update available drivers

Missing or outdated drivers on your computer may cause PUBG to crash on the boot screen, especially if there is an error with your graphics card driver. So make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your computer, and update all drivers that are not updated.

Reconfigure the Internet

Sometimes an Internet problem may prevent your games from working properly, so you can reconfigure the Internet to fix the PUBG hang-up while the screen is loading.

1) Enter cmd in the Start menu search box, right-click the command line (or cmd if you are using Windows 7) and select “Run as administrator”.
2) Enter the next command one by one, pressing Enter each time after each command is entered.
ipconfig / release
ipconfig / all
ipconfig / flush
ipconfig / update
netsh int ip install dns
Reset Netsh Winsock
3) Close the command line after all the above commands have been executed.
4) Reboot the computer and open the game again.

Stop overclocking the processor

Acceleration means that your CPU and memory are running at a speed higher than the official speed rating. Almost all processors are speed rated. However, this can cause the games to hang or hang up while you are booting. Therefore to solve the problem you should reset the CPU clock speed to the default value.

Disable BEServices in Task Manager

In addition to the above methods, you can try to solve the problem by turning off BEServices in Task Manager. This is known to cause problems with the game.

Step 1: Open PUBG and Steam on your computer.

Step 2. right-click on the Start menu and select “Task Manager”.

Step 3: On the Processes tab, select BEServices and click Finish the task.

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