Top 10 Sports Games for Xbox One

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As summer approaches, few of them go to the courts to practice their favourite sports. If the pleasure of playing outdoors is incomparable, we have become sofa potatoes thanks to all these years of technological revolution. People are very reluctant to move outside. This makes playing video games at home the best alternative. If you miss your favorite sport, it would probably be available as Sports Game for Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Sports games for Xbox 360 or Xbox One

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1] Madden NFL : Madden NFL has some kind of monopoly in the US market. It would not be wrong to say that Madden NFL is the only buyable game in the United States. However, this lack of competition has no effect on its developers, who are trying to do better and better.

Complete with GM modes and various career opportunities, the complete football game is available online and offline. It allows players to create their team from scratch and select team member functions. But the game is slow, which gives a lesser advantage to those who defend the position. Some say it increases the fun in the game.

2] Pro Evolution Soccer : In the United States, football is the term for football association football played in the rest of the world. And football for Americans is the game with an oval ball. While Madden NFL is the only choice for American football fans, they have many more options for their football.

If I were asked about the best football match on the market, the question would be answered with another question: Is it the game itself or the game with the most realistic teams and players. And when it comes to asking questions about the best game in general, I would suggest playing Pro Evolution Soccer.

Unlike most other sports games, Pro Evolution Soccer is more of a simulation game than an arcade game. It’s not about animation, it’s about gameplay. The graphics and gameplay are very realistic. Every effort has been made to imitate the current football league experience.

3] NHL 2016 : NHL refers to the National Hockey League. Although it is a less prestigious sport, it has its own fan base. NHL’16 is a sequel to the famous first NHL’15 NHL’15 NHL’15 version, the first game in the series, had some flaws. They were not yet able to assess their user base when they put it on the market. But all the feedback has been studied, which is reflected in the positive changes made to the NHL’16.

The game has the usual GM and career modes in addition to the ability to form leagues and play online. Both NHL games are of a very simple level, according to the rules of the game. As the only good option for hockey fans, they have a monopoly in this market.

4] NBA 2K16 : Living in the United States, enthusiasm for basketball cannot be undermined. And while many games are dedicated to basketball, the oldest on the market is the NBA series. The NBA 2K16 is the latest in this series.

Developers have been developing the game for years. From now on the game comes with fantastic graphics and a realistic view. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, you’ll find this game fun to play.

5] WWE 2K16 : WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE is an exciting sport with a broad fan base.

The WWE 2K series is considered a veteran in the gaming market. The 2015 version of the series did not impress more than one. He focused on rivalries, and people couldn’t find anything else. But it’s just this. where they have improved in the production of WWE 2K16. The lead actor is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE 2K16 focuses more on the past parts than on the last ones. They have over 120 performers on the CD, many of whom were stars in the 1980s. It is interesting to note that the new version has the possibility to create new players with its tools.

6] DiRT< Rally : Now that a racing game must be on the sports game list, it could be a big competition for the slot machine. Many would try to recommend NFS or Grand Prix, but if it is specifically for the console, DiRT Rallye is the best choice on the market.

The game graphics are too realistic. When combined with the amazing sound effect, they can get so involved in the game that they lose sight of reality. DiRT Rallye is not easy to learn or master. It would take time and patience. But once you understand the game, you get hooked.

7] Killer Instinct : Since the beginning of video games, fighting games have been the most popular. This is probably because the fight against skill testing games that other genres do not have.

A great Xbox game that can be played online, in single player mode (against bots) and in multiplayer mode is Killer Instinct. The game introduces a new character and a new challenge at all levels. Just like the popular Tekken, it has a series of combos that, once learned, make the game easier.

8] Rory McIlroy PGA Tour : Golf is indeed a rich sport. There are some professionals, but it’s not like you can join the golf society and join the league. A financial boost is needed to become part of it.

For those who like to watch golf and dream about it, despite the difficulties with today’s sport, playing its video game on the console is not a bad idea. Among the few golf games available for the Xbox, the Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is considered the best.

Unfortunately, if we call Rory McIlroy PGA Tour the best golf game, it is because it lacks competition in the genre, and not because it ranks at the top of the comparison parameters. The players are small and the possibilities are limited.

However, the game offers a good start with detailed instructions. It includes any strategy used in golf. Despite the medium graphics, the game offers an excellent learning experience for golf fans.

9] Rocket League : If football has become monotonous, we could try the Rocket League. It’s the same game, but it’s played with rocket cars. The game supports single-player and multiplayer modes, which can be multiplatform. Means that a player with an Xbox can compete with another player on a Playstation.

Gameplay includes the control of a rocket-propelled car to hit larger balls and score goals. It includes options such as increasing speed, etc.

10] Steep : Steep is an extreme sports game with a gameplay located in the Alps. The game includes 4 main activities: Paragliding, snowboarding, skiing and wingsuit. Since most people are not physically capable of all these extreme sports, the thrill could be felt on the console.

To convey a realistic feeling, the game uses a GoPro camera for all these activities. The game includes performing stunts like grab and spin to collect and earn points.

Xbox 360 versions of games can be purchased on the Xbox Marketplace. Xbox One versions can be purchased from third parties such as Amazon.

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