How to switch from the original Xbox One console to the Xbox One S

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As soon as you switch from Xbox One to Xbox One S, you will notice the difference in size, as it is smaller, as well as the additional 4K/HDR features that can increase your game speed. Here are some other features of the Xbox One S :

      • Xbox One S can be positioned vertically. The Xbox One S supports vertical and horizontal alignment, while the original Xbox One S is designed for horizontal use. Although most users placed Xbox One vertically, this was false. Now that all the tips to change user habits have failed, they have changed the design of the product itself. Your Xbox One S can be placed vertically with a stand sold separately. Some Xbox One packages can be delivered with a stand.
      • Compatibility b>b>InAccessories.Accessories. Virtually all original Xbox One accessories are designed for both the original Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Switching from the Xbox One to the Xbox One S

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Switching from the Xbox One console to the Xbox One S can be easy if you follow certain steps.

Where b>b>b>Tob>>>Find registered games and applications

All your Xbox One Disc applications and games work effectively with Xbox One S. Please note that your applications and game licenses are attached to your profile and will be transferred to your new console. However, it is necessary that you download the games you purchased for your new Xbox One S console digitally. To do this, simply go to My Games and Applications and select the content you want to transfer or download to your next console.

In addition, a selection of Xbox 360 games can also be played on Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

You can also store and access games and applications stored on cloud servers so you can quickly transfer your stored data from the original Xbox One to the Xbox One S. Once you connect to your Xbox One S console, the saved data is automatically displayed and used for a specific game. You can also store some files on your hard drive and on your cloud server.

How b>b>To>>> Get 4K and HDR content

Using UHD TV, you can now automatically explore 4K and HDR content and Blu-ray movies. Once you have connected your console to a compatible TV, your Xbox One S console should be able to automatically detect the signal that prompts you to update the display settings.

Using b>b>b>b>Kinectb>>> Sensor>

You need a Kinect adapter if you want to use the Kinect sensor supplied with the Xbox One S console. The adapter is only available free of charge for a limited time when customers upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox One S.

When using Kinect’s IR capabilities used to control certain devices in your home or room such as AVR and TV, do not place your Xbox One S console in closed areas such as the cabinet to avoid interference with IR signals.

Wireless Network Protocol

Xbox One S introduces its latest addition to wireless protocols – 802.11ac. This is added to the current list of supported wireless network protocols such as 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band. Using a wireless AC router, you can also use the network to quickly connect your Xbox One S to Xbox Live.

Use Bluetooth

A Bluetooth radio is included when you purchase an Xbox One wireless controller that connects directly to a Windows 10 PC or laptop. This uses other proprietary wireless radios when you try to connect to your Xbox One S console.

Accessories Pairing button

When connecting a wireless controller to your Xbox One S console, note that the position of the button changes. It was originally attached to the side of the console, but it was moved forward under the power button.

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