How to Repair Winscomrssv.Dll Error At Startup on Windows 10 PC

Winscomrssv.dll is one of the most common startup errors in Windows. Often displayed as a popup message, Winscomrssv is a residual file after a malware attack. However, there is also a legitimate Microsoft DLL file; nevertheless, malware has been known to masquerade as this innocuous file to harm users’ systems.

Our systems are very vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. However, anti-virus software is ubiquitous in our devices, and these threats are repeatedly removed during each anti-virus scan. This ensures that your computer runs smoothly. read more

How to Troubleshoot Windows Host Process Rundll32 High Disk and Cpu Usage Problem

The Windows operating system consists of millions of components, including applications, processes, drivers, and more than meets the eye. Even when your system is idle, there are thousands of processes running in the background that you may not even notice. Are there times when your system seems to be running slowly, even when you’re not using an active application?

As soon as our device performance drops, the first thing we do is look in the Windows Task Manager, right? Rundll32 is an annoying process that eats up CPU load and slows down your device. To keep this process from affecting the performance of your device, we offer you some workarounds. read more

Troubleshooting: SysMenu.dll Issues on Windows 10 Startup

SysMenu.dll is part of an advertising program that displays pop-up ads and advertisements on sites you visit. These ads are displayed as blocks with various available coupons, underlined keywords, pop-up ads, or banners.

The adware that runs the SysMenu.dll process appears as a program that displays coupons for the sites you visit and low prices when you visit product pages on sites such as Amazon. Although seemingly a useful service, the SysMenu.dll program can be intrusive and show ads whether you like it or not. read more