The computer crashes while playing games under Windows 10

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Modern Warfare Warzone - How To Fix...
Modern Warfare Warzone - How To Fix Random Crashes While Playing - Windows 10

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Many players seem to prefer to play their games under Windows 7, and this is understandable. However, it is safe to say that Windows 10 is the best place to play video games if you are a PC player, and this is because the operating system is the exclusive home of DirectX 10 and the Microsoft Store.

Computer crashes while playing

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Like previous operating systems, games on Windows 10 are vulnerable to many common problems people regularly face. As you can see, games will crash from time to time, so if you are faced with such evils, the following tips can help you bring your slot machine back to its former glory.

If your Windows computer crashes while you are playing video games and you are wondering what is happening, here are some suggestions on how to protect your computer from crashing or freezing.

1] Disable background programs

Most games tend to take up a lot of memory, so it is always advisable to close background programs before playing. If a game cannot access the required memory, it crashes or runs very slowly.

Here’s what you need to do. Right-click the task bar and select Task Manager. A multiple tabbed window opens, just click on the Home tab. Here you can see all the applications and programs that are launched automatically when Windows 10 is restarted.

You can disable all or only those classified as high, which means that they tend to use more memory than the others. Finally, restart your computer and prepare to play again.

2] Update drivers

Since the release of Windows 10, the operating system has had problems with drivers, and this problem still exists today in one way or another. The best option is to go to Device Manager or Windows Update to install the latest update of your drivers, if any. In particular, you may need to update your video driver.

3] Computer overheating

It is well documented that an overheated PC causes slowdowns and other problems. The solution is to check that the cooling components are working properly and to clean the fan and any other equipment from dust and other contaminants.

4] Look at your components

As a PC reader, I can safely say that some problems have nothing to do with the software, but with the hardware. There are times when you need to look under the hood to see if the components are installed properly.

Check immediately if the graphics card is installed as intended and do the same with RAM and hard disk.

Depending on the age of your components, it may also be time to upgrade to newer hardware. If your motherboard is of modern variety, then the chances of improving your animal game computer should not cost your kidneys, and then some.

See this article if you have problems playing in full screen mode and if Windows 10 games crash.

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