What is Vprotect Application? Is It Safe?

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Many users appear to notice the Vprotect Application in their computer. The VProtect app appears as vprot.exe. Oftentimes it shows up when you download AVG toolbars such as the AVG Security Toolbar,AVG Nation toolbar, and the AVG SafeGuard toolbar. VProtect is an app that is part of the AVG Antivirus. It is automatically installed along the antivirus or the toolbar and is signed by the AVG Technologies.

Is the Vprotect Application Safe?

While it is a component of AVG, it is not crucial in the overall process. Still, Vprotect shares the same permissions on computer with AVG antivirus thus it also scans viruses. Many users noticed that the application scans their computer without their permission. The difference between the antivirus and the application is that AVG antivirus prompts permission first before scanning while the app does not.

There are also error messages showing up indicating the Vprotect app not working. In some cases, users are also prompted with the message to buy a licensed key thus appearing suspicious. Continued scanning and detecting the different viruses in your computer will trigger worry and will indeed convince you to buy a license key, making it a virus scan failed and a good marketing scam. These viruses are usually fake and real ones are scanned and indicated via a trusted antivirus.

How did Vprotect Entered Your Computer?

The Vprotect application is considered as a malware and used to infect computers. Normally, the application was attached to a bundled product, some free or pirated softwares. There are codes attached to the software bundle so when you download and install the package, you also install the Vprotect app with it.

To be on the safe side, take the time to thoroughly check the bundle you are about to purchase or install. That way, you will know all the applications that are about to enter your computer and avoid malicious apps like the Vprotect app.

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Since Vprotect application is not an essential part of the system and may cause harm than good, it is recommended to remove it. Below are the methods on how you can remove your Vprotect Application

How to Remove Vprotect Application?

Delete the app via Task Manager

  • Open the Run prompt by pressing “Windows” + “R” simulteaneously.
  • To open the task manager, type Taskmgr and press enter.
  • Look for Details on top and click to open.
  • Look for the Vropt.exe. Right click on the file name and click on the Open file location option.
  • Check the folder where it belongs and take note. Press “Ctrl”+ “A“.
  • Delete all the files in the folder by pressing “Shift” + “Del”. It will remove all Vprotect app.
  • Exit task manager and check if the Vprotect app still exists.

Delete all Vprotect programs via Control Panel

  1. Click start and click on Control Panel.
  2. Look for the Programs and under it, click on Uninstall a Program.
  3. Look for all the Vprotect applications and other related programs. Right click on each and select uninstall to delete them.
  4. After uninstalling all programs, click OK to save the changes you have made.


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