Windows 10 with the VPN software installed cannot detect the wireless network

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Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system offering, has led more and more PC users to adopt it. However, occasional errors have also attracted attention, forcing all users to report it with their fingers. No Internet connectivity problems have reached a massive number of users. We have even seen cases where users have switched to Windows 10 and still do not have the ability to connect to the Internet. Several reported that Wi-Fi does not work after the upgrade.

Such a problem occurs when PCs equipped with VPN software are unable to detect wireless networks after upgrading from Windows 10. This article lists all symptoms, causes and possible troubleshooting.

Windows 10 with VPN cannot detect a wireless network

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The symptoms of this problem are:

  • Wi-Fi not detected

For users who have a computer running Windows 8.1 and who have also installed VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, the problem of lack of Internet connectivity is of great importance. If these users upgrade their computers to the Windows 10 operating system, the wireless connection is not detected.

  1. Restarting the computer / reinstalling the adapter does not help

Restarting the computer or attempting to reinstall the driver for the wireless network adapter cannot help solve this missing Internet connection problem in Windows 10. The problem may not be with the adapter; the wireless network adapter would work fine.

  1. Influences wired Ethernet connections

After upgrading to Windows 10, wired Ethernet connections may also be affected by correct operation. This can also affect connections via the built-in Ethernet adapter or USB-Ethernet adapter.

What is the cause of the problem

According to Microsoft, this problem is related to VPN connections on the computer that has been updated to the Windows 10 operating system. In other words, if the VPN software was active on the PC during the upgrade, this problem may occur if the computer does not find the Wi-Fi connection caused by the VPN software. It was just some kind of case. However, there are other cases where the hardware is not compatible with the Windows 10 operating system and this could be the real cause of the problem if the user cannot connect to the Internet after upgrading to Windows 10.

This problem may occur if older VPN software is installed on Windows 8.1 and is present when upgrading to Windows 10. Older versions of the software contain a filter driver (the Deterministic Network Enhancer) that has not been properly updated, causing the problem.


Let’s see how we can solve this problem in a few simple steps and make Wi-Fi work as before. Here are the steps to solve the missing Internet connection problem in Windows 10

1]. You can download the Troubleshooter from here. Since you do not have an Internet connection on your own PC, you must download it to another PC and copy it to your system using removable media.

2] Open a command prompt as Admin. Simply right-click the Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu. There are now 2 commands that you must execute, copy and paste into the command box

(1). First run the following command and press Enter :

reg Delete HKCRCLSID{988248f3-a1ad-49bf-9170-676cbbc36ba3} /f

Enter the second command and press Enter :

netcfg -v -u dni_dne


Warning word

This warning word is intended for users using older versions of the Cisco VPN Client or Sonic Global Client, in the case of users running one of these versions, you must uninstall it from your computer before upgrading to Windows 10.

According to Microsoft,

This problem was reported when using older versions of the Cisco VPN client and SonicWALL Global VPN client. Customers should contact their VPN provider to upgrade to software supported by Windows 10.


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