Fix or Remove: Your computer has been blocked error 268D3 or 268D3 XC00037

Error 268D3 is a helpdesk scam that appears in a pop-up message in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or any installed browser. Although some users occasionally suffer from redirects, those who regularly encounter pop-ups with error 268D3 are most likely exposed to adware. The purpose of the fake message is to convince users that their computers are damaged, infected or that criminals are stealing personal information. To solve this problem, they are advised to contact fake technicians who try to convince users to provide remote access to PCs, install fake software or pay money for supposed support. There are several types of scams that are common on the Internet, such as: B. Error 268d3x8938, Error 268D3-XC00037 or This computer is locked. read more

How do you Gift Fortnite V-Bucks

Fornite is by far one of the most popular video games out there. Even if you haven’t heard of it, I bet (and I’m not even a player), you’ve probably seen one of the many dances on your social media feed.

While Mario Kart is more of my speed (yell at Princess Peach), there is no denying that Fornite is suitable for all ages. The game is free to play, but users must use (or purchase) in-game V-Bucks to gain customization options.

Curious about V-Bucks? We found the information we needed. read more

What is winrmsrv.exe? Is it a Virus? Is it Safe?

Winrmsrv.exe is a background process that users can run on their Windows computers immediately after opening the Task Manager. The executable was developed by Microsoft Corporation and is usually located in the C: \ Windows \ system32 . Despite this, many users [1] complained that their firewall blocked the incoming connection of Winrmsrv.exe – it asks for permission to collect information. Since the developer is represented as Microsoft, users are unsure whether the file is legitimate or not. read more

How to Fix Red Dead Online Error 0x20010006

Red Dead Redemption 2 now launches on PC with online mode in tow, but an unfortunate error 0x20010006 seems to have crept in as well.

Trying to log into Red Dead Online and encountering error 0x20010006 can be pretty scary. Here’s what we know and a possible solution.

Error 0x20010006 only affects Red Dead Online, which means you probably won’t notice it if you try to go to Red Dead Redemption 2.

The full text reads, “You have exited Red Dead Online (error: 0x20010006) due to an error with Rockstar Game Services.” read more

Fixing Error Fatal: Origin does not appear to be a Git Repository

By default, a Git repository is not assigned to a remote repository. If you try to push changes to a remote repository without first specifying its location, the error “fatal:” origin “is not a Git repository.”

This guide explains why this error occurs and what it means. We’ll look at an example of this error so you can figure out how to fix it.

fatal: origin doesn’t look like a Git repository
The git init command creates a new Git repository. This command only initializes the folder as a Git repository. The repository is not associated with the remote repository. read more

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

You have tamed a horse in Minecraft, but the beast still has a mind of its own – it will absolutely not follow your example. You will need a saddle to control your mount. If you want to craft a saddle using a workbench, we have bad news – you simply cannot craft a saddle.

Somehow the Mojang developer doesn’t make the saddle a craft. Instead, you will need to obtain it in a variety of ways, including trading, researching, and fishing. If you’re brave, you can even fight the Ravager to ride your horse. read more

Fix Update Error 0x800f0845 on Windows 10

Many users are reporting an error while trying to update Windows 10 with error code 0x800f0845. In some cases, the error appears as BSoD. However, we will discuss the case of preventing Windows updates. If you are facing Windows Update error 0x800f0845, please refer to this article for a solution.

Windows Update error 0x800f0845 has long been an issue and we have no news of a suitable fix. For some users, Windows updates will be completely stopped, and for some, progress will stop after a while. This error is caused by a damaged system file or a bug in the Windows update mechanism. Therefore, the following fixes were made: read more

Fixing Fifa 20 Launcher Keeps Opening Error

FIFA 20 is one of the best PC soccer games from Electronics Arts. It launches on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. However, many players are reporting crashing issues as the original client keeps restarting you from the board game. If you want to know how to fix it, here are the instructions below.

Make sure your hardware meets the minimum requirements

Find out the minimum and recommended system requirements for FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 for PC is a resource intensive game indeed. Before looking for answers, see if it works on your computer.

Visit the EA Official Site for minimum and recommended system requirements for PC. read more

Fix: Could not Find a Version that Satisfies the Requirement for Tensorflow

Tensor Flow is an open source artificial intelligence platform that includes vast libraries and community resources. A geek can easily install Python and PyCharm on their systems. However, when trying to install Tensorflow, an error occurs: “No version found that meets the requirements for TensorFlow. No suitable distribution found for TensorFlow. “

This error can have several reasons. We will take it a step further and fix it until we can get rid of this error on Windows. read more

Fix GTA V Social Club Failed to Initialize Error Code 17

The Social Club App is an introduction to Rockstar Games that is used to view a member’s profile. As a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club, you enjoy many benefits both in-game and online. You have exclusive access to weapons, cars, hairstyles, and stats, including for members only.

The Social Club app launches every time you launch GTA V. Otherwise, the game will not work. Many players reported that “The Social Club could not be initialized. You will see error code 17 “every time you try to launch the game. If you encounter this problem, we will show you how to fix error code 17 in Grand Theft Auto 5. read more