How to Update Nintendo Switch

Like most things, your Nintendo Switch needs an update from time to time. The latest update prepares you for the latest games and adds new features or fixes bugs that have caused you problems in the past. Updating your Nintendo Switch couldn’t be easier, but here’s a quick look at how to perform an update and what you can find in the latest software for your switch!

In most cases, Nintendo will automatically notify you when there is an update for your switch. You will then see a pop-up window like the one shown above, telling you that you need to make an update. When you see this screen, simply press “Update” to continue. read more

How to Fix Unallocated Space Error on USB Drive or SD Card

Have you ever experienced the following problem: your SD card or USB stick suddenly appears unassigned or even stops working on your PC? After that, you can neither access the data nor store new data on it. Many users have encountered the following problem: a used storage device, such as a hard disk, USB stick, SD card or pen, is missing in the file explorer and marked as “unallocated” in disk management, which is quite confusing and annoying.

A USB stick is a removable disk and is therefore more susceptible to viruses and worms than hard drives. As a result, the problem of unassigned USB sticks is more common. read more


The error is caused by a defective or damaged driver. This code is primarily used by Windows and other vendors of Windows companion software and drivers. This error code is often used to identify the error caused by the manufacturer. The technical description and numeric error number are included in the error code 0x0000000C.MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDED. The instruction where it was loaded at the time of the error is the address of the memory locations of the additional hexadecimal code.

If Windows system files are corrupted or damaged, the 0x0000000C.MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDED error occurs. There are many reasons why you may find these errors on your computer, such as unacceptable removal of applications and hardware, incomplete installation, incomplete uninstallation. Damaged files in the Windows system may be damaged by the above activations. read more

How to Fix 0x0000000D Printer Connection Error

You received this post because Microsoft’s system error code 0x0000000D is displayed on your system. Due to the complexity of some system error codes, we have developed an automatic system repair tool that decodes all codes and sets 0x0000000D on your computer.

The Windows 0x0000000D error occurs when your operating system is misconfigured, important system files are lost or damaged. This is a common problem on computers that are not regularly maintained. The system becomes overloaded with problems, crashes, and displays errors. read more

Fix Stop Error 0x00000008 IRQL NOT DISPATCH LEVEL

IRQL_NOT_DISPATCH_LEVEL in Windows 10 is a blue screen death error that often occurs due to hardware or software problems. When this BSOD appears, the device always reboots with an error check value of 0x00000008. Like other blue screen problems, this is a serious problem, but it can be successfully resolved by a few possible workarounds.

Frequent restarts of the computer due to the IRQL NOT DISPATCH LEVEL at the same time as the BSOD cause great inconvenience. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by using Disable Auto-Restart, Troubleshooting, Safe Mode, Windows Defender scanning, removing third-party antivirus software and updating drivers. read more

How to Install the Fitbit Desktop App in Windows 10

If you don’t have a mobile device, you can set up and synchronize your tracker to your Windows 10 PC using the same Fitbit application available for Windows mobile devices.

To download and install the Fitbit app for Windows 10

Downloading and installing the Fitbit application on your computer is super easy. You don’t even need to run an installation wizard. Let’s go through the steps:

To get the application, click the Start button and open the Microsoft Store. Look for “Fitbit app”. Note that if you’ve never downloaded an application from the store to your computer, you’ll be prompted to create an account. read more

How to Delete All Photos from your iCloud Photos

How do I delete photos from iCloud? This article shows you how to delete photos from the iCloud in 2 ways Generally, the iCloud photo library is enabled by default on your device. In addition, you only have 5GB of free iCloud storage by default, which is depleted fairly quickly.

If you’re not comfortable entrusting your photos to a cloud computing service or if you just don’t want to pay for iCloud storage anymore, this article will show you how to delete photos from the iCloud and downgrade your iCloud storage plan. read more

Fix Downloading Proxy Script Error in Google Chrome

If you’re having trouble opening web pages in Google Chrome, you can search for the words that download the proxy script in the lower left corner of your browser.

If you have this type of problem, the information in this article will help.

It is sometimes possible to temporarily fix Chrome’s slowness by making the browser be present and restarting it, but a problem like this, which occurs frequently, is certainly frustrating.

So you should try this quick fix to make your Chrome browser faster and less annoying. read more

How to Change your Profile Picture in Microsoft Edge

There are two ways to create a profile on the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. You can create a profile with a local account, or you can create a profile with a Microsoft account, which is the preferred method if you want to synchronize settings and data between devices.

However, depending on the method you use, the profile will have a default image. If you are using a local account, a generic icon is displayed, and if you are using a Microsoft account, your account picture appears in the profile. read more

How to Enable DNS Over HTTPS on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium and includes more features and customization options than the previous version. It also claims to be more secure and private than Google Chrome. One of the things you can enable to help protect privacy is DNS over HTTPS (DoH). Learn how to do it here.

DNS over HTTPS or DoH is a protocol for performing remote DNS resolution via HTTPS. It increases user privacy by preventing listening or manipulation of DNS data by a man-in-the-middle attack. It encrypts data between the Ministry of Health client and the Ministry-based DNS resolver. read more