Are screen savers necessary and are they still necessary?

Screen savers are a visual delight and there are many on the Internet. But are screen savers no longer necessary? A screen saver is nothing more than a computer program that fills the screen with abstract images or patterns. It is activated when the computer is not used for a certain period of time. The original idea was to prevent phosphor from burning on cathode ray tubes and plasma screens. But since most of us now use LCD monitors, they are mainly used for entertainment or security purposes.

If screensavers are more necessary

Colored and animated screensavers are beautiful and sometimes give you a feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. In the 90s and 2000s, they were abundant and those that were beautifully animated were madness. At the time, they were also needed because of the CRT monitors. But as we get closer to LCD monitors, screensavers are activated mainly for security reasons. read more

Compression of the system under Windows 10

As the release of Windows 10 approaches, Microsoft gives more information about the new operating system, which should suit all devices. In yesterday’s blog, Microsoft explained how Windows 10 uses system compression techniques to save space on devices. In other words, how does Windows 10 manage to run with less storage space on local memory in tablets, laptops and phones.

How Windows 10 saves space on devices

Windows 10 uses two different factors so that the operating system takes up as little space as possible. It must adapt to a variety of devices with different memory limits and under these conditions it will not be possible if the operating system takes up a lot of space. Less storage also means faster operation of the operating system. read more

Microsoft account privacy settings harden

Microsoft respects the privacy of its users, giving them complete control over the privacy settings of your Microsoft account. If you want to avoid online threats and dangers, it is very important to keep your online accounts safe and secure. Always remember to adjust your privacy settings when creating an online account.

Microsoft account is used to connect to, and other email addresses. It can also be used to connect to other Microsoft services and devices such as Windows computers, Xbox Live, Windows Phone and so on. We have already seen some security measures that can be taken to protect your Microsoft account. Today we will talk about the privacy settings that Microsoft Account has to offer in this article. read more

Lenovo’s SuperFish Removal Tool automatically uninstalls the malware

Lenovo was in the news – all for the wrong reason! After it was discovered that Lenovo had installed SuperFish malware on their computers, there was an alarm call. Lenovo has now released a SuperFish Removal Tool that can automatically uninstall malware from its laptops and computers.

SuperFish removal tool

This is a simple portable executable file that does not need to be installed. Once you have downloaded it to your computer, close all your web browsers and launch the tool.

Click the Scan button and remove SuperFish now. The tool searches your system for SuperFish registry entries, root certificates, and program files. It also cleans Firefox browser root certificates if you have installed it on your PC. This scanning is fast and takes about 10-15 seconds. read more

To uninstall and completely remove Superfish malware

Superfish malware has recently made headlines, Lenovo has pre-installed it on all new computers. This article shows you how to know if Superfish malware is installed on your Lenovo computer and how to uninstall and remove it completely.

Superfish malware replaces advertising on the Web site that the user visits and replaces it with new advertising that may benefit Lenovo and Superfish. This raises security concerns because when it intercepts HTTPS encrypted web pages to replace its own ads, it creates a mix of secure and dangerous content, paving the way for other hackers to launch their own attacks. read more

Input method editors for Windows 8.1 PC

With the input method editors on your Windows PC, you can easily enter different languages. An Input Method Editor or IME is a program that can receive input data in any language. It helps the user to enter special characters and symbols that are not usually found in standard keyboards. Not many people know this, but you can add IMEs to your PCs or even edit existing ones.

Windows 8.1 PCs come with an IME for each language. You can add new IMEs by adding different languages.

Add or install an additional input method editor

In the Control Panel, go to the Language tab. Click on any language for which you want an IME and go to’Options’. Click Add Input Method‘. read more

Reset the reliability monitor in the Windows operating system

Reliability Monitor is an advanced tool that measures hardware and software problems and other changes to your computer. It collects data 24 hours before results are displayed and calculates the stability index , which ranges from 1 (least stable) to 10 (most stable). You can use the index to assess the reliability of your computer by checking for reported application errors, Windows errors, miscellaneous errors, warnings and other information. Any change you make to your computer or a problem that occurs on your computer affects the stability index. read more

Rename the Windows integrated administrator account 10/8/7

Windows includes a built-in administrator account, sometimes called a super-admin account, which is often attacked by hackers and malware with malicious intent. It may therefore be wise to rename this administrator account in your Windows system.

Renaming an administrator account in Windows

If you want to rename your administrator account, you can follow one of these steps.

1] From the Windows 8.1 WinX menu, open Console Computer Management. Local users and groups > Expand users. Now select the administrator account you want to rename in the middle area and right-click Rename. You can rename any administrator account this way. read more

OneDrive Troubleshooting for Windows PC

If you have problems using OneDrive on your Windows 8.1/7 computer, you should download and use the OneDrive Troubleshooter. If you can’t connect to OneDrive, can’t synchronize files and other such problems occur when using OneDrive, then this article will interest you.

OneDrive Troubleshooting

OneDrive Troubleshooter is a tool that can automatically find and solve these common problems with OneDrive on Windows:

  1. Unable to connect to OneDrive
  2. Files or folders are not downloaded from your Windows PC to OneDrive
  3. OneDrive files or folders are missing on your PC
  4. OneDrive does not appear in the left area of the file-
  5. OneDrive does not appear in the left area of the file.
  6. OneDrive icon does not appear in the notification area
  7. OneDrive Sync Engine process does not appear in the Task Manager
  8. You receive an error message You are not allowed to record at this location. Contact the administrator for approval.

If any of these problems occur, perform OneDrive troubleshooting. You must be an administrator to run it. You can also use this troubleshooting if you experience synchronization problems in OneDrive for Windows. read more

Use PowerShell to find the status of scheduled tasks in the Windows 10/8.1 queue

You can use Windows PowerShell to find scheduled tasks and get the queue status of scheduled tasks in Windows 10/8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Let’s see how we can do this with the Get-ScheduledTask.

Windows PowerShell is a command line shell and scripting language based on the.NET framework and designed for system administrators, IT experts and developers. Windows 8.1 is installed with Windows PowerShell 4.0, which includes many new features that make its language easier and more user-friendly and avoid common errors. read more